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Wilderness Ranch Is Different

Where God's Grace Runs Free!

Wilderness Ranch is a Christ Centered Ranch Camp that gives people a chance to explore wilderness camping, horseback riding, and the beautiful scenery of Southwest Alberta.  You'll never forget the summer you spent at Wilderness Ranch.


Camp Newsletter


novel coronavirus (COVID-19)

The Wilderness Ranch Pie Auction and Supper has been cancelled.  The Wilderness Ranch Annual General Meeting has been cancelled. 

At this point we are still planning on running our summer program as per usual.


Registration Opening Jan 5, 2020!

Our registration will be going live on January 5.  Secure your spot by following the link below.


Wilderness Ranch Newsletter

Keep updated as to what has been happening at Wilderness Ranch.


Camp Activities

Speciality Areas



Get matched up with your horse for the week.  Enjoy horseback riding as you take part in the trail ride each day.  See beautiful vistas and mountain ranges from the saddle.  Enjoy a picnic lunch on the trail! Take a nap, play a game, or just sit and enjoy the view before hitting the trail for home.



Learn the art of campfire cooking!  Being a part of a cook group will teach you the skills to start a fire and cook your breakfast and supper over it.  Enjoy the company of your cook group and Guide as you share the highlights of your day around the campfire.



Compete with the other cook groups as you battle it out on Rodeo Day.  Have fun being creative and learning new skills!



Explore the beauty of creation, make new friends, and find yourself in the simplicity of a week of camp.


Our Mission:
To provide in a wilderness setting a program of education and fellowship where faith and trust in Jesus Christ is intergrated into daily living.