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Wilderness Ranch 2021 and COVID-19 restrictions

As of current our plan is to run a six week reduced capacity program out of the Porcupine Hills site.  Registration for this program will open on March 1st 2021.  Alberta Health guidelines will be closely monitored in the weeks and months leading up to camp.  A final decision whether or not to run this program will be made on May long weekend.


Due to not being able to have our annual pie auction for the second year in a row we have decided to do a pie-it-forward campaign.  Here is how the campaign works.  First, you bake a pie and give it to someone you love and someone who loves Wilderness Ranch.  The person receiving the pie can either eat it, eat it and give a donation to Wilderness Ranch; or eat it, give a donation to Wilderness Ranch, and pie-it-forward by baking a new pie and giving it to someone else who loves Wilderness Ranch.  By clicking the link below you can print off a pie it forward card.  Be sure to sign the card and attach it to the pie you bake.  Share your pie-it-forward experience on instagram using the hashtag #pieitoforwardwr and #wildernessranchalberta  Happy Baking!


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Camp Activities

Speciality Areas



Get matched up with your horse for the week.  Enjoy horseback riding as you take part in the trail ride each day.  See beautiful vistas and mountain ranges from the saddle.  Enjoy a picnic lunch on the trail! Take a nap, play a game, or just sit and enjoy the view before hitting the trail for home.


Learn the art of campfire cooking!  Being a part of a cook group will teach you the skills to start a fire and cook your breakfast and supper over it.  Enjoy the company of your cook group and Guide as you share the highlights of your day around the campfire.



Compete with the other cook groups as you battle it out on Rodeo Day.  Have fun being creative and learning new skills!


Explore the beauty of creation, make new friends, and find yourself in the simplicity of a week of camp.


Our Mission:
To provide in a wilderness setting a program of education and fellowship where faith and trust in Jesus Christ is intergrated into daily living.



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