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Western Heritage and Craftmanship Camp

Want an unforgettable summer?  Come to Mountain Valley Ranch for 2 weeks.  Learn about Horsemanship, Wilderness Camping, Blacksmithing, Leatherwork, Butchering, and more.  Enjoy guest bible lectures for a deep dive into God's word. 
$750.00+ GST
Ages 15-18
July 29 - Aug 10



Enjoy a three-night stay at Mountain Valley Ranch.  Enjoy learning to horseback ride and cook over the fire.  Stay in a log cabin and enjoy the scenic outdoors while learning about God and His creation!

$350.00 + GST

Ages 8 -10

Rangers 1 July 16-19

Rangers 2 Aug 13-16



Want an unforgettable week? Come to our Wilderness Ranch original site to ride horses, cook over a campfire and sleep in a tent.  Do crafts, and play games while you make new friends.  Learn more about God while you enjoy his amazing creation!

$475.00 + GST

Ages 10-12

Trailblazers 1 July 8-13

Trailblazers 2 July 22-27

Trailblazers 3 Aug 5-10



Enjoy an exciting week at Wilderness Ranch’s original site in the Porcupine Hills.  Each camper will be assigned their own horse for a week of riding.  Develop horsemanship skills, learn campfire cooking, and sleep in a canvas wall tent as you enjoy God’s creation.
$500.00 + GST

Ages 12-16

Pioneers 1 - July 1-6

Pioneers 2 - July 15-20

Pioneers 3 - July 29 - Aug 3



Enjoy longer rides and see new terrain as you ride through the porcupine hills.

$500.00 + GST

Ages 14-18

Skyriders Aug 19 - 24



Enjoy a week on the trail.  This pack trip program allows you to ride your horse and set up your own campsite.  Enjoy cooking over an open fire, building a shelter, and grazing your horse as you go farther into the wilderness. 

$500.00 + GST

Ages 14+

Scouts 1 - July 8-13

Scouts 2 - July 22-27


Family Camps

Make some unforgettable family memories.  Ride horses, play games, make crafts, worship, and learn about God at the beautiful Mountain Valley Ranch.

$500.00 + GST for the first adult, $250.00 for the second adult or child over 12 years, and $175.00 for children 12 and under.  An adult must accompany all Children.

Aug 19-24


Custom Booking

Bring your group and design a trip that fit your pace and schedule.  Contact the director to book a custom event.

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